Read your girl/boy friend whatsapp messages

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How to read your girl/boy friend whatsapp messages without touching the targeted phone just using one app

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Well, WhatsApp, though a wonderful innovation of its time, also created a number of problems like trust issues. A lot of information is exchanged via WhatsApp and knowing someone’s

WhatsApp account can reveal one’s preferences and activities. If you wondering how to read my girlfriend’s WhatsApp messages

without her knowing, there are many ways, but only a couple of them are thought to be effective, and they are discussed below.
Some third-party spying apps with

perfect social media monitoring features are fulfilling the need of the hour! Apps like SocialGuard are readily available online
How SocialGuard Works to Read WhatsApp Messages Without Knowing

Step 1: Create a SocialGuard account from the official site.

Step 2: go to your dashboard and click on fonemonitor

Click on social app and go straight to whatsapp and click on it

Then it will generate encoded messages as seen bellow:



“good morning”

“how was your day”

“how was work”

“good night”


“how’re you doing”

Copy one of the message and send to him/her. Once the message is opened and replied she will receive a notification like this which will vanish within five seconds

Step 3: you are done, login your SocialGuard account through the app in your phone you will be able to see all the activities of her whatsapp.

What can you get from SocialGuard whatsapp monitoring app

  • You can read and see all sent and received WhatsApp messages on the target device from the time of setting it up.
  • You can even manage to read WhatsApp notifications all appearing in details on your user dashboard.
  • Even deleted WhatsApp messages can be checked if they are already uploaded before the actual occurrence of the deletion.
  • You can check all the images sent and received via WhatsApp.
  • A remote screenshot will automatically take place when the target device is using Facebook and connected to Wi-Fi network


In addition to the points mentioned above, the best thing with SocialGuard app is that even if you girlfriend switched WhatsApp account, it still works.



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